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Concrete technologies

SUMAB” - concrete batching plant, concrete mixing plant, concrete plant, block machine, vibropress, paving stone machine, vibropress for producing of  concrete products

Swedish company “SUMAB” is a reliable partner which providing whole cycle of services on manufacturing, delivery and post-warranty service of a modern concrete equipment. We deliver our machinery in 55 countries of West Europe, CIS, and also we successful entry into the markets of African and The Middle East.

Our concrete plants  and block machines are developed with advanced concrete technologies.

Mobile and stationary concrete batching plants "SUMAB” produce from 5 to 120 m3 of high-quality concrete mix per hour. For manufacturing of concrete plants the best components from leading european manufacturers are used: mixers Sicoma (Italy), computer and dosing system Siemens (Germany), etc. These components allow to produce to 1000 various typer of concrete and get a possibility to print a ricipe of each ready concrete mix in order to prevent theft of of aggregates.

Mobile concrete mixing plants “SUMAB”  are easy transported, don't require of foundation during installation and garantee  guarantee the production of concrete in 3 hours after delivery to the jobsite. Diesel-generator allows to start concrete producing запустить in a remoted areas, or  in places, there where it is impossible to draw electricity..

Fast installing concrete batching plants  “SUMAB” vave a module structure,  which allowing You to save money when purchasing only the required modules of concrete plant. On Customer Request, concrete plants can be supplied in summer or vinter variants.

Block production machines “SUMAB” produce a different types of concrete blocks, paving stone, chimney elements and other concrete products. They are manufactured with using of modern vibropressing technology and can be supplied in semi-automatic or full-automatic operating modes. One of the most notable features of block production machines “SUMAB” is their modularity, which allows to assemble a block machine from a different units and aggregates on the principle of ”Lego”, that is exactly, as needed for the organization of Your production only.
Block machines “SUMAB” are presented of stationary and movable vibropresses.

Mobile block machines represent themselves a movable equipment, which manufactures products by "egg layer" type. Using of such technology is typical for countries, where  climatic conditions make it possible to dry the ready products outdoors.

Stationary vibropresses for producing of concrete blocks equipped with components from leading European manufacturers (Vibrating system  Knauer - Germany, Hydraulic system - Germany etc.).

Flexible pricing policy and principle of modularity allow to produce from a simple Economy class models to a difficult full automatic vibropresses for producing of concrete products. 

Thanks to using of Scandinavian technologies our equipment characterized by indicators of  durability and high reliability, while having a reasonable prices. Our plants which were manufactured in 1980-s are still in the ranks and produce a quality concrete.

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