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Stationary block-producing plant SUMAB U-1000.

Stationary block-producing plant  SUMAB U-1000.

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Stationary block-producing plant based on machine SUMAB U-1000.

With a stationary machine SUMAB U-1000 You can produce the following products:

1. Empty blocks
2. Curbstones
3. Paving stone
4. Tiled stone


CAPACITY - 1000 m2 pavers per shift.

General technical data of machine SUMAB U-1000:

Pre-silo contents – core concrete           1.3 m³
Filling box contents – core concrete        0.25 m³


Length                                 5.500 mm
Width                                   2.300 mm
Height filling unit above            3.000 mm
Height filling unit below            2.650 mm
Lifting height unit                    350 mm
Board size (massive wood)       1.400 x (900-950) x 50 mm
Usable mould width                 1300* mm
Usable mould depth                 900 mm
Maximum mould height              350 mm
Minimal mould height                 50 mm

Net weight with facemix device,
without pallet transport            15.500 kg

Rotary current motor I for pump I
Driving performance                18,5 kW
Speed                                  1450 U/min
Voltage                                 400 V / 50Hz

Rotary current motor II for pump II
Driving performance                7,5 kW
Speed                                  1450 U/min
Voltage                                400 V / 50Hz

performance                    55 l/min

Pump II
performance                    30 l/min

Filling volumes                    600 l
Maximal pressure                170 bar

Network tension                               400 V / 50 Hz
Nominal performance machine only       44 kW
Pre-fuse                                         160 A
Control voltage                                230 V / 50 Hz
Control voltage hydraulics valves        24 V
Automation system                Siemens S7

If You choose the full automatic block machine, You will receive an Internet modem as a gift!

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